Steak Salad Bento

I love it when DH cooks!  Tonight he made a very manly meal:  steak, rice, and grilled asparagus.  It tasted fabulous.  We actually had a piece of steak leftover and that got remade into this delicious bento box.

Layer 1:  The first course is some rather predictable veggies and some gold fish.  Dessert looks decadent although it's really healthy.  It's 0% fat Greek yogurt mixed with a little Truvia.  I topped it with fresh raspberries (a gift from a good friend) and a little more Truvia. 

Layer 2:  I cut up the steak and the asparagus.  Then I added some green and red pepper chunks and a champagne vinaigrette.  The steak salad is separated from the onigiri with a piece of celery - just to keep things neat.  The onigiri look a little different today.  That's because they are made out of a blend of white and brown rice with some minced onion and butter mixed in. 

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