Beef Stew Bento

The other evening, I made a low carb beef stew.  That means I left out the carrots and potatoes and didn't thicken it.  Then, I boiled those separately for DH and DD.  This allows me to eat the same as they do but slim down a bit in the process.  This bento is leftover beef stew (among other things).  I hope you enjoy!

Layer 1:  Crackers, cheese, veggies, gold fish, and a little something special: a white chocolate truffle.  I don't usually keep truffles in the house.  If I did, I would be a chunky lady indeed!  :)  But, DH and I celebrated 12 years married recently and my sister sent us the most decadent basket of goodies as a gift.  There were some truly lovely truffles in there that I decided to make part of this bento.  It was a cold morning and I wanted to make sure the bento itself was hearty.  So, I went heavy on protein and light on fruit. 

Layer 2: Beef stew.  This is a big portion.  I added a bunch of potatoes and carrots and then topped it with the "low carb" beef stew."  I made this at night so that the flavors of the two elements could mingle as they cooled.  The result?  DD shared some with a friend and he thought it was "perfect!"  :) 

Her teachers have started speculating on her lunches these days.  One has made cracks in class (when she pulls out a snack) that I have too much time on my hands.  If only they knew how little time this takes!

Have a wonderful day!

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