Shopping for Bento Boxes

I wanted to post some information on where to find cute bentos.  Here in Colorado, there really aren't a lot of stores that sell them.  There are two, however:
  • Peppercorn (Boulder) - This is a lovely kitchen store with just about the biggest cookbook collection I've seen.  I highly recommend it.
  • The Cupboard (Fort Collins) - This is my "go to" store for obscure ingredients, lovely gadgets, and now bentos.  I saw some really cute little kit bentos there.
I haven't checked Denver yet but I'm sure there has to be at least one store down there.  Does anyone know?  Please email me and I'll share the information.

These local options are a little pricey.  There was a neat store based out of SanFrancisco that used to sell online.  They had bento boxes for $5 (really cute ones actually), but they now only sell through their brick and mortar stores.  It's a real bummer because I think their prices were some of the best I've every seen. 

Luckily, a Google search can lead you to cheaper options.  Here are a few more places to check:
  • Amazon - I've seen bentos available and a few nifty gadgets.
  • Ebay - This is where I've purchased my smaller bentos.  Sometimes, there are sets of bentos (3 bento boxes with belts) for cheap.  Read the fine print, though, because some of these are shipped from overseas and this can get expensive!
  • - This cute site does have some interesting items on offer. 
  • - This is one of my favorites in terms of the sheer variety of bento boxes available.

    I have to say that NONE of these vendors carry the bento box I pack on a daily basis.  That's right folks!  The nifty, two tiered bento box (big enough to feed a hungry man or a teenager who works long hours) isn't to be found at these stores.  I actually found it at Safeway!  It is produced by a company called Sistema.  Right now, Safeway only carries the one container.  But, Sistema has some other cool options at  I would just love to get my hands on their "cuttlery to go" kit.  It's a knife, fork, and spoon in a little carrying case.  Too cute! 

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