A Picnic Bento

It is summer and that means lovely days filled with sunshine and my whole family (including DH) around me.  I'm not making bento as frequently because we are grilling outdoors.  But we are planning on taking the kids to Rocky Mountain National Park for an outing.  I decided that we needed bentos for the voyage and spent some time playing today.  As hot as the weather is, it is a real pleasure to stay inside with my bento supplies.  

I made a fake sushi roll.  It is not my greatest work but I learned a lot.  They are a light pink color because the only vinegar I had handy was red wine vinegar.  I put asparagus in the center and really could have put more into it.  Next are chicken wing pieces baked with salt, pepper, and garlic.  There are mini peppers, strawberries, tomatoes cut into flowers, and cucumber pieces that are meant to go into a vinaigrette in the little cup. There is also half a hard boiled egg.  I've added chive blossoms (fully edible) for a little onion flavor and purple color.  The cup holds some imitation crab meat.  On the far right is a tiny bamboo fork.

The coolest part of this bento is that it is 90% disposable.  At the end of the day, we will take home 5 silicone cups and 5 dressing cups.  The rest can go in the trash. Now, normally, that isn't a good thing, but I have wanted to find a good container for DH to use for field trips and so that I can pack lunches for our family outings where it is not as easy to tote around lunch boxes.  A baby requires enough gear that simplifying lunch is important.  Well, simplifying is a relative term here.  :0)

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