Chicken Cacciatore Bento

The other day, I had a kitchen disaster. I didn't set anything on fire.  Nothing expensive shattered.  But, it was a disaster all the same.  I had made chicken cacciatore.  We had a lovely dinner and then I saved the rest for another meal.  When I went to warm the chicken, I pulled out some of the sauce to toss with pasta.  Then, I went to pop the rest into the microwave.  The only problem: I missed.  How do you miss?  I have no clue!  I think the container was moist along the sides.  Maybe my hands slipped.  It was terrible!  I dropped chicken cacciatore all over my kitchen floor.   What a mess!  I had guests coming for coffee and a meeting at my house and the floor and I were covered with dinner.  With 30 minutes to spare before people started to arrive, I was in a bit of a state.  What did I do about dinner?  We had Subway.  DH purchased sandwiches while DD and I cleaned up the mess and I cried a bit.

Remember that somewhere in the story I had pulled out some of the sauce?  Well, I salvaged that into this bento.

Layer 1: Veggies and cheese, leek quiche, and fresh fruit: plum and orange slices, and grapes.

Layer 2:  Chicken cacciatore sauce mixed with noodles and topped with a piece of roast chicken from the freezer.  The whole thing is topped with rather a lot of Parmesan.  I over did it.   Considering the rest of the disaster, a little extra Parmesan isn't so terrible.  :) 

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