A Very American Bento

The other night we had roast chicken for dinner.  It's fast, easy, and tastes great.  Well, dinner made it into the bentos again.  This time, I remade the side dishes a bit.

Layer 1:  The usual fresh veggies and cheese.  Dessert is plum, peach, and orange slices.  There's some frozen strawberry in the center.

Layer 2:  Dinner was roast chicken.  Rather than remake the chicken, I changed up the sides a little.  DD loves sweet potatoes and I had roasted one the night before.  In the morning, I mashed it.  DD and DH each got 1/4 of a sweet potato as part of their meal.  I added a little butter and some toasted almonds to the green beans. 

Looking at it this morning, it seems like a Thanksgiving themed bento.  All I need is some cranberries thrown in for color and perhaps some stuffing.  That would be fun to make!

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