A Quick Pasta Bento

The other day, I commented that I was out of bento basics.  This is one of the last bentos I made with basics in it.  In fact, I think this is where I used up the meatballs and the mini quiches.  :)  It was a quick, OMG I have nothing in the fridge bento.

Layer 1:  Veggies and cheese, a mini quiche, and fresh fruit.  Fast and easy!

Layer 2:  Ramen noodles tossed with spaghetti sauce and Parmesan cheese.  The meatballs are on the sides.  The best part of this bento (made for DD and not DH) were the cups.  DD has borrowed my silicone rectangular cups.  All I have left are these whimsical flowers.  They are actually quite cute in this bento and hold their shape better than the others.  Now, if only I could find some rectangular ones like this - in a theme that's a little more "butch"!  DH would be a bit embarrassed by flower cups in his lunch . . .  At least I think so. 

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