Steak à la Bento!

The other night was date night in our house.  Usually, we'd go out but we just took delivery of a freezer full of meat from Town & Country Foods.  We're stocked for the year and it seemed silly to pay someone else to cook steaks that I've got in my freezer.  Well, I didn't really notice the size of the steaks I took out - until I thought about portions.  We ate one of the two steaks and cooked the other.  It turned into a rather substantial lunch for 2. 

Layer 1: The first course is the usual veggies and cheese.  There are more mini peppers here than usual.  I had a package that needed to be eaten and I usually only use 1 a day.  Today each bento contains 3.  Dessert is sliced peach with miniature grapes.  These grapes are the cutest thing I've found at Walmart in a while.  They are lovely sweet grapes but tiny enough that they seem scaled for the bento.  Ok...  They were a little pricey for grapes, but they are cute!!!  :0) 

Layer 2:  Here we have steak, sliced so that it is easy for DD to eat in the middle of class.  I've combined the side dishes: potatoes and green beans that are tossed in brown butter with rosemary and almonds.

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