Sausage Bento

This bento was my first "getting back into the swing of things" bento.  It had been so long since I'd made a bento that this one feels a little incomplete.  I would have liked to have seen more color, perhaps some fruit, and for the whole thing to have a sense of cohesion that this one lacks.  It seems like a work in progress.  :)

This first layer contains a salad with tomatoes, celery, and cucumber.  There are also olives and nuts (almonds and sunflower seeds).  But my favorite part of this bento is the chocolate mousse in the little cup.  It held up surprisingly well.  

This layer contains cups filled with low carb pasta and sausage.  It is a basil chicken sausage from Sprouts paired with my mother's amazing pasta sauce.  When she came for a visit, she made 14 quarts of sauce and froze them for me.  I used one for dinner (where I initially served the sausage) and it was a spectacular combination.  I've paired the pasta with some broccoli because I wanted a contrasting color.

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