A Bento in Small

DH has a stash of strawberries and chocolate in his office for this last week of school.  He said that he didn't need quite as big a lunch since he could snack a bit.  So, I decided to use an older bento from my collection: one I bought on ebay a couple of years ago.  This is a two tiered bento that is nowhere near as large as the two green ones I used last week.  However, if you pack for density, you can still manage a fairly large lunch. Here are the two layers together.

What I like about this bento is the fact that they nest inside one another for storage.  I think I bought 3 on ebay as a group and got a great price.  I'm gearing up with some new bento toys soon that I hope will help spark some further creativity, but that's a subject for another post.

The image above is the larger section of this bento.  It is packed with a cucumber and green pepper salad with mint (in the cup), some grape tomatoes, 4 oz of chicken with Cajun seasoning, some broccoli, and a carrot.

 This smaller section is filled with my attempt at some onigiri.  I made them with leftover long grain rice (not a good idea by the way).  The rice has onion, green pepper, tomatoes, peas, and carrots in it along with some saffron.  I've added two shrimp steamed alongside the rice, some cheese, and a little more broccoli.

Here is the bento stacked and ready to go.

My kids said something rather cute today.  They asked me to keep making bento over the summer because they like "Daddy's lunches."  :)  So sweet!

DH was really sweet to me too.  I asked him if he'd mind if I bought some new bento gear.  He smiled and said if I wanted it, I should have it.  What a kind man!!!  Well, I guess he benefits from my little hobby . . .

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