Bento Sans Stash

As I've said, I am out of standard "stash" items and am throwing together bentos based on what I've made recently for dinner.  This bento is a mixed bag - a little of just about everything.

Layer 1 contains a salad of grated carrot, some smoked Gouda, and nuts.  Dessert is Greek yogurt, strawberries, grapes, and slices of white peach.

Layer 2 contains a lot of mismatched items.  On the left is a tomato salad that we had for dinner last night (so simple and easy).  Beneath it is some sliced roast pork.  Broccoli fills in the gaps.  There are also little raviolis (homemade) stuffed with acorn squash, black forest ham, and portobello mushrooms.  I misted them with canola oil and baked them.  They are a little like a fried ravioli.  Next to that are some sandwiches.  These are filled with ham.  Separating each one is a slice of cucumber.

DH suggested that I call this a tea time bento because of the cucumber and sandwiches.  I don't think it looks particularly light or suited for tea time.  But it is cute.  

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