I got new bento toys!!!

Thanks to DH, I made a big order at bentousa.com.  I got some neat decoration kits and other toys to play with.  Today, I took out one of them.

This is a cutting tool set with different shapes.  At first I thought the tweezers were silly but then I realized that in order to move the shapes, you need a precise tool because they are so small.  I used this tool to augment a smaller, simpler bento I made for DH.

This bento is a single layer containing a pork chop cooked with salsa, cilantro, and lime juice.  I've topped the chop with two flowers made of cheese and little circles of celery.  The cup holds a black bean, tomato, and corn sauté topped with little hearts cut from cheddar cheese.  There are also mini peppers and some Laughing Cow cheese.

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