Leftovers Lookin' Good

We had some really lovely fish the other night.  It was a recipe from a cool service:  eMeals.  This service does the menu planning for you according to what is on sale that week.  Each week, I get a PDF file with the week's dinner menus and grocery list done for me.  It makes life easier and gives me some new ideas.  I like that there is at least one meatless meal each week, even on the low carb menu plan.  This was a Spanish Cod recipe that came out rather well.

I made 6 portions and put the leftovers into this bento for DH.  The top layer is a salad with cucumber slices, tamagoyaki, pepper slices, ham rolls, tomatoes, a cornichon, and some nuts. The tamagoyaki is much like the last one except that I put basil leaves in the center.

The bottom layer contains the Spanish cod - a weird name for a rather simple dish: pan fried cod in a roasted red pepper and tomato pesto sauce.  I topped it with some chopped parsley and basil.  Then, I put some sauteed peas and asparagus alongside it.

DH tells me that really enjoyed this rather large bento meal.  It is another neat bento box I bought from Tuesday Morning.  This one is very like the last I showed you from My Bento Meal but has larger compartments.


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