A Clean Out the Fridge Bento

You can so tell that it is the last week of classes!  I haven't really gone grocery shopping in two weeks.  We are dwindling down the stores of food and things are looking a little sparse.  For this bento, I had to search around quite a bit.  For better or for worse, here it is.

As you can see, it is one of the larger My Bento Meal boxes that DH loves because there is so much food.  My goal, as usual, is to fill him up with more fruit and veg than junk food.

Layer 1 contains ham and boursin roll ups in a low carb tortilla, a carrot, slices of white peach, orange, and grapes.  I tried for a swirl effect with the fruit in the center but it just didn't come together as I wanted it to.

Layer 2 contains carrot, green bean, and zucchini in a rosemary, brown butter sauce, some diced chicken (from the freezer), broccoli, and low carb pasta topped with flowers cut from purple cabbage.

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