Baby Bento - 2013 #1

My children have officially requested bentos again after a winter spent in fascination of homemade soups and mayo.  Yes, homemade mayo, I am told, tastes better than that stuff in the jar.  :)  I think I'm raising foodies.

This is what I came up with today.  It is similar to DH's bento but I've added elements.  The little cup on the left contains last night's cucumber and green pepper salad with olive oil, red wine vinegar, mint, salt, and pepper.  Above are chunks of Cajun chicken, a single shrimp cooked in saffron, and a little hard boiled egg. The right side contains two onigiri like the ones I made for DH but here they are topped with flowers cut from ham and a little piece of cheddar.  Between the onigiri is a small piece of avocado.  There is also some broccoli, a strawberry, some grapes, and a slice of peach.

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