"Mushi" Strikes Again

Ok.  I have a confession to make: I just went grocery shopping last night and the options in my fridge are looking rather slim.  I have no leftovers to use in bento making.  Indeed, we had "breakfast for dinner" last night (because it was quick and easy) and I was scrambling to make this bento.  :)

I happened to have some ground beef in the fridge that I was planning to make into meatloaf, so I decided to try "mushi" again.  Please, dear readers, help me come up with another name for this dish! I can't believe I'm using DD's name for it!

Layer 1:  First course is (as usual) veggies and cheese.  I found these lovely little yellow tomatoes in the store today, so I added them.  Dessert is very simple.  There's Greek yogurt and peach jam in the center, little cream cheese and strawberry jam sandwiches, and fresh strawberries.  I cut the sandwiches in triangles today and I think you can see more of them this way.  They are on square cocktail bread.

Layer 2: I've got ramen noodles tossed with butter, Parmesan cheese, and rosemary.   This is topped with carrots and broccoli tossed in more herbs and butter.  (It sounds like the meal is dripping with butter but I think I used 1 tsp of butter for 2 people's lunches here folks.)  The "mushi" is on the right. 

As you can see, it looks very different from the last time I made it.  Indeed, I don't think it turned out as well.  At least it smelled good while I was cooking it.  I used black forest ham and lined it with a cabbage leaf.  I then put in the ground beef, some pepperjack cheese, and some green onion.  The cabbage leaf kept the ham from sticking to the beef and this made the whole thing difficult to cook.  I may try an egg wash on the ham next time to see if that helps in terms of structural integrity.  The cheese slices posed another problem.  They were rather brittle and kept things from forming a proper roll until they started to melt.  I might try a cheese stick next time, if I decide to do cheese again at all.  I miss the pop of color the carrot provided in my last attempt and I still think I might try this with turkey or chicken.

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