First Day of School Bento

Yesterday was DD's first day of her senior year.  Getting up at 5 am was hard and I didn't pack her bento until the morning, so this project was completed while I was half asleep and caffeine free.  It's a pretty simple meal.  We'd had Subway sandwiches over the weekend and I used the leftovers here.  She had gone out to lunch with her boyfriend and brought home some chicken tenders.  I used those leftovers too.  :) 

You will notice that there is little dessert and a lot of protein here.  DD has a job for the school year and will be on campus from 7am to 6pm every day.  I wanted to make sure she had enough to eat and protein fills you up more than sweets ever will.

Top layer:  This is a veggies and dip and chicken tender "platter" of sorts.  I've included a Laughing Cow cheese in her favorite flavor - French onion.  There's cucumbers, carrots, red and yellow peppers here.  Oh - and there's a dessert: more of last night's chocolate cake topped with strawberries.  Sadly, that's the last of the cake.

Bottom layer: I cut the sandwich into equal pieces and put them into the bento.  There's not much excitement there in terms of color, so I went for some more veggies to brighten things up.  The cup holds some quick, homemade, purple cabbage coleslaw.  There was some extra room, so I threw in more veggies.

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