An Evening Bento Series - Day 3

Today's bento does not include leftovers.  My family eats vegetarian twice a week: Wednesdays and Fridays.  Naturally, I couldn't include meat from tonight's dinner in tomorrow's meal.  I decided to make some staples to keep on hand today instead. 

Layer 1: I would usually have dessert and an appetizer course in this layer of the bento.  Like last week, though, with a vegetarian meal, I decided to go a little heavier on the proteins that I can serve.  There's brie cheese, grapes, pinwheels made of roasted red pepper hummus and flat bread, some veggies, Laughing Cow cheese, and a plum.  In the center are some homemade crackers. 

Layer 2: The main course includes quiche and a pasta salad made with tomatoes, cucumber, yellow and green peppers, parsley, and a champagne vinaigrette.  Last week, I made quiche in normal sized muffin tins.  This week, I went smaller.  These were made in a mini muffin tin.  These are a cute size and work well in the bento (not that the others didn't).

What are the staples involved here?  Well, you can probably figure out that I keep certain items on hand regularly because you're seeing some repeats.  The fruits and veggies are pretty obvious.  But I also keep at least two kinds of pasta available (ramen and 1 other).  Here I've used little shells.  I do tend to buy the miniature pastas because I like their scale in the bento.  Today I made up enough pasta salad that I can serve it at multiple meals this week.  Rather than making quiche again, I've also gone ahead and made 24 quiches that I'm freezing.  That way, when I need one for a lunch, it's easy to throw together.  I have a huge wheel of brie that we need to get through and two rounds of Laughing Cow wedges.  Most of this stuff tends to last quite a long while because any one portion is rather small.  But I said enough about such things yesterday.  :)

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