Waking Up at 5 am is Hard Bento

Wow!  Getting up early is rather painful.  The second day was harder than the first and thus my bento is rather sad.  I could have done more - if I had packed it the night before.  I really need to start doing that because early morning bento making is just too hard.

My goal today was to create a meatless bento that would be filling and easy to eat.  DD eats twice in her day: layer 1 around 10 am and layer 2 around 1 pm.  This grazing means that I wanted a carbohydrate on both layers - a little tricky.

Layer 1:  We have brie and homemade crackers because I wanted to include some bread in this bento and didn't have a lot of options this morning.  I've added sliced plum and grapes and chocolate.
Layer 2:  This is a main course of leek quiche, sliced potato with herbs, and a cucumber and tomato salad.  The quiche could also make a nice breakfast.  You could make it in advance and reheat in the morning for a quick meal.  - Hmm . . .  Yummy idea! :)

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