An Evening Bento Series - Day 4

Tomorrow's bentos are reprised leftovers from a couple of different days.  I think it is one of my best yet.  I don't know why that would be the case except that DD wasn't home tonight and I was doing the dishes myself.  I may have felt less rushed to get it done.  I certainly felt like I played a bit more than I have so far this week.  What do you think of the end result?

Layer 1:  We have an appetizer course of Laughing Cow cheese, potato wedges, carrots, tomatoes, and flower shaped pieces of green pepper.  Dessert consists of slices of plum, orange, some beautiful strawberries, and a little bit of leftover peach crumble. 

What are the leftovers on this layer?  Well, the potatoes were extra pieces from dinner two days ago and bento making the other night.  The plum and orange pieces were random half fruits hanging out in the fridge from this week's bentos, and the peach crumble was dessert on Sunday, Monday, and a snack on Tuesday (DD really loved it). 

Layer 2: The main course is rice with chicken, zucchini, yellow and red bell peppers, carrots, and tomato in a herb infused olive oil sauce.  I've topped the rice with a half a tomato that I've sprinkled it with more herbs.  Everything is lightly topped with feta cheese crumbles.

Leftovers?  The chicken was Sunday dinner.  The veggies and rice were made tonight.

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