An Easy Chicken Bento

This is a single tiered bento box for DD.  She was rushed yesterday morning and needed something simple and easy.  So, here we have it!  One tier meant that I could get her out the door quickly this morning and give her a fairly healthy lunch nonetheless.  There are no snacks to accompany this meal, but that's OK because the portions are rather large.

This is the ultimate 5 minute bento.  There's ramen noodles on the bottom of this bento that I've tossed with some butter and Parmesan cheese.  On top of that I layered snow peas, carrot, cauliflower, and dried cranberries tossed in a little butter.  Then I added some sliced chicken.  It's a rather "no frills" meal that still gets the job done. 

First thing I did was boil water.  While the kettle was heating, I took some ramen and put it into a bowl with a colander already in place.  I poured the boiling water over the ramen and let sit for 3 minutes or so. 

While the ramen was cooking, I pulled the veggies together and cooked them.  I also threw a roasted chicken breast into the microwave for a quick reheat. 

I then began layering items into the bento.  By the time I'd tossed the ramen with butter and parm, the veggies were cool and I loaded them into the bento next.  Last thing to do: slice the chicken and put that in as well. 

I left the bento box open while I poured a cup of coffee and made some breakfast.  By the time the family sat down to eat, lunch was completely cooled and in lunch boxes for the day.

What did DH have for lunch?  Well, his wasn't this pretty looking.  I had some leftover tilapia from the night before that I'd preloaded into a bento box with a little rice.  It was very monochromatic and ugly - even when I added some of the veggies I made for DD.  Oh well!  They can't all be winners.

What was the lesson learned from this?  I am definitely a make the bento the night before kinda girl.  That's what I'm going to try to do next week.  After dinner, I'll assemble the bentos for the next day and see if that goes any more smoothly.

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