The Steak Dinner Bento

What did I order last night?  If DH ordered artery spackle, then what would I call my meal?  Insipid steak, potatoes, and overcooked veggies.  Applebee's didn't do well last night with my meal but I remade its leftovers into something a bit more flavorful.  It's DH's dinner, since he's going to be at school and isn't coming home until after the "festivities" are over.

First course: a mushroom cap stuffed with herb dip, carrots and bell peppers for dipping.  Dessert: fruit (after lunch he's going to need the nutrients) orange slices, grapes, and of course, chocolate.

Main course:  Steak (leftover from my dinner), roasted tomatoes stuffed with panko breadcrumbs, Parmesan cheese, and herbs, and one small potato topped with herbs.  I guarantee that it tastes better than what I was served last night because it's seasoned with rosemary, garlic, salt, pepper, and onion powder. 

The end result: a dinner that is much, much healthier than lunch. 

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