OMG I have nothing made!

DH ate what I had intended for his lunch - yesterday as a snack!  Crappola!  What do I make this morning?!?!  We had gone away for the weekend and I didn't go grocery shopping.  Desperate times call for desperate measures!  A horrible discovery of cucumbers that had spoiled while we were away didn't help.  Crisis!  Should I tell him to order pizza or go out to lunch???  No . . . if we're spending money eating out, I'm going to enjoy it . . . darn it!

Level 1:  A salad with lettuce, carrot, and mini tomatoes that need to be used.  The dressing in the cup is the herb dip I talked about last week.  I had some leftover in the fridge.  I also found a peach and some leftover chocolate from last week. 
Level 2 contains something my husband named "meat sushi" when he saw it this morning.  I had intended to do this with ground turkey but the turkey was a little off and I didn't want to risk it.  Into the trash it went and I started to dig around the freezer for something I could throw together. So, I took out a single ground beef patty and was able to make enough for two lunches.  I wrapped the ground beef in ham and stuffed the interior with carrot and green onion.  There is some salt and pepper in the meat.  It's not raw - I pan fried it so there's a crispy layer of ham surrounding the beef.    Underneath the "meat sushi" there's some leftover rice tossed with sautéed onion, portobello mushrooms, and a little Parmesan.  For veggies, we have some leftover pea pods sautéed in olive oil with a little garlic, salt, and pepper (leftovers from Friday night) and some broccoli. 

Everything in my soul rebells against serving something entitled "meat sushi."  My daughter wants to call it "mushi" and this is a 17 year old talking.  Please give me some suggestions of what to call this dish!  Meat sushi sounds nasty . . .

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