Back to School Bento - 2 for 1 Deal!

As promised, I'm using two differently shaped bento boxes today. 

You can see here that one bento is oval and the other is rectangular.  They are both two tiered but much smaller. While the first bento box I used holds approximately 1 liter, these hold around half as much.  Standard bento practice assumes 1 calorie per ml of volume in a bento.  But that assumes a higher carb and protein ratio to veggies and fruit.    You can certainly cut down on that calorie count as you'll see below.
Bento # 1:  DH's Lunch

Now, my husband likes to eat.  Since I started using the larger bentos, he hasn't wanted an afternoon snack at all.  He says his lunch stays with him longer.  I do wonder if this smaller bento will do the trick or if he will be snacking all day.  I'll report on this tomorrow.                                            

The larger section of the box contains red leaf lettuce with tomatoes stuffed with tuna salad.  I've topped that with green onion, tomato, and carrot.  The bottom contains green beans, carrot, and zucchini tossed with butter and rosemary and a tortilla filled with roasted red pepper hummus and lettuce.  I am willing to bet that between the mayo and the butter this bento is around 500 calories, but I am not entirely certain on this one.

Bento # 2:  My Lunch

My lunch is lighter and much lower calorie.  It's mostly veggies.
The larger section contains a salad  of romaine lettuce, cucumber, and tomato topped with a hard boiled egg.  There's a little container of dressing.  The lower section is just crackers, salsa, and some slices of apple.  Easy . . .   like takes 2 seconds easy.    But, also about 200 calories.  Not bad for something that should be around 500 calories.

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