Back to School Bento 3 - Leftover Chinese Food

I'm doing this bento early - in the evening rather than early in the morning.  This is a leftover bento and tomorrow morning is a little crazy.  I need to drive to the airport to pick up our foster daughter.  After that I have tutoring and then people coming over dinner.  So, in order to start day with a semblance of calm, I used some of the dreaded leftovers to hopefully make something pretty.

This first layer contains crab rangoon cut into fourths to make it fit.  I think the shape is kinda neat.  There are some pieces of mushu pork in a pancake and some onigiri. Onigiri are traditional Japanese "rice balls."  They are sometimes filled with things like pickled plums.  Often, they have a seaweed wrapper or handle to make picking them up easy.  I made mine with a little cookie cutter shaped like a heart.  I couldn't think of anything to stuff them with but I didn't want plain white in the box.  So, I dusted them with Spigol - a saffron substitute.  This gives them a fabulous yellow color.  DH won't be able to pick them up though.  In the center is a little dessert: pieces of frozen pineapple.  I've added a few small pieces of carrot to give a little more color to the box.  I could have cut out shapes of veggies and placed them on top of the mushu pork.  That would have been nice looking.  - Maybe next time.

The bottom layer contains leftover fried rice, some General Tso's chicken, and a piece of the same mushu pork pancake found in the top layer.  Everything looked rather brown and dreary after sitting in the fridge for 48 hours, so I tried to add some color.  I put frozen peas and chunks of carrot into the fried rice and I added more carrot and chunks of fresh broccoli to the chicken.

In the picture, you can see a plastic divider.  This came with another bento and is meant to divide the rice from the protein and veg in a traditional bento.  It is common to see bento that contain a lot of rice like this one.  It is not my preference but I had leftovers to use up.  :)

How much time did this bento take?  10 minutes or less.

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