Thank you DD for being wonderful bento!

Since we've gotten home from Russia with our three little munchkins, our DD has been a fabulous help!  She has changed diapers, given up her time so that I could have 5 minutes of my own during the day, and generally been a mini-mom to our other children.  This tremendous gift of self is more than I can ever repay.  She does it without asking and without complaint - even going so far as asking us to plan a date night and get out of the house (providing baby sitting free of charge, of course).  She has tried to get me to stop making her bento but I just can't.  It would be poor thanks for all she does.  So, this bento, simple as it is, is a thank you bento - made with love and gratitude.

Layer 1 is the usual veggies and cheese, Greek yogurt with blackberries, and some crackers. 

Layer 2 contains red, purple, and golden potatoes tossed with carrots, edamame, sugar snap peas, and black beans.  Roast chicken tops it all.

And just because I can, here is my DD with our other little girl.  They look so alike! 

Oh, and please excuse the top of the fridge - it looks a dreadful mess!  It is the only place in the entire kitchen that the kids don't seem to be able to reach.  I tossed a bunch of things up there in an attempt to stop them grabbing everything in sight!

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