Sausage and Pasta Bento

I never realized how "adult" the food I typically make is until we brought the kids home.  I had planned an Italian sausage and spinach soup - but then realized that kids wouldn't eat it.  So, I turned it into a pasta dish.  This is leftovers repackaged for lunch.

Layer 1 is a small green salad and fresh fruit.  There is dressing in the cup in the center.  I've added a square of lovely dark chocolate as a special treat.

Layer 2: Sausage and spinach pasta.  It isn't pretty but it did the trick.  :)   This dish started life as a soup: chicken stock with Italian sausage (chicken sausage) meatballs that I had sauteed.  I added spinach, tomatoes, pasta (which cooked in the broth), and cheese. 

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