Leftovers in a Bento - 2012

Happy New Year!!!!

My parents have just left to return home and I have a house FULL of leftovers.  What's a girl to do?!?!  BENTO!!!  :)

Let me introduce you to my new favorite appliance - the pie maker.  My mother and father bought this amazing appliance for me and it is no ordinary pie maker.  When first they discussed buying one, I suggested that there were cheaper ones out on the market but they did a lot of research.  The Breville Pie Maker is the best available and makes lovely 4 inch pies and quiches - perfect for lunch, breakfast, and well, eating anytime.  I have had hours of fun with it already.

This bento is my first of the new year and it seemed appropriate to use leftovers in a pie.  Mom, this bento is for you!

This is a single layer bento consisting of homemade turkey pot pie and salad.  It is super simple and (I think) quite cute!   How did I make the pot pie?  Well, I took pie crust, put it into the pie maker and shaped it to the container.  I added some leftover mashed potatoes (about 2 tsp of it) and then a few teaspoons of turkey in gravy (also leftover).  I added a few peas and diced carrots.  Viola!  Turkey pot pie is easy as, well, pie!  Thanks Mom for cooking up a storm.  I am packaging leftovers to make meals for when we get home from Russia with the kids.

That reminds me, dear readers, DH and I will be going to Russia to bring home our three kids this month.  Bentos will likely be more kid oriented in February.  We are looking forward to a very big change in our lives - a wonderful change.

Wishing you the very best this new year,

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