Baby Bento 1: A Morning Snack

Greetings all!  We are back from Russia with three beautiful children!!!  They are wonderful, bright kids who will certainly keep me on my toes.  I wanted to do a bento this morning for their snack - just to see what they thought of it.  Here are the results.

There are carrot slices, apple slices, honey dew melon bits, French toast fingers, and vanilla yogurt.  My mom's reaction was that this sounded like too much food for a snack but the cup in the middle of the bento is a mini muffin cup with just a few bites of yogurt in it.  Everything else is likewise small.  My idea was to provide some variety so that if they didn't like something, they had lots of options.  The only thing left in a bento were a few bits of carrot that didn't get eaten. 

How did the kids like it?  Well, here they are eating it.  Our little girl was finished so quickly that I couldn't get a picture!

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