Sistema's Cutlery To Go Kit

Sistema puts out the bento box I use and my family loves it.  Unfortunately, the only place in town that carries it is Safeway and I haven't seen anything but the box.  Sistema's website shows a number of other nifty products.  My husband and I went shopping in Denver this weekend and I found more Sistema products! 

World Market now carries Sistema boxes and other supplies.  I bought the "Cutlery to Go" kit in pink (the only color they had).  So, I imagine DD will be using it.  It's a little too feminine for DH. :)  Let's take a look:

This little box holds quite a bit.  The cutlery options are quite nice and seem fairly sturdy.

Inside are all the components to assemble silverware or chopsticks.

The only problem I see with the set is that it only contains two bottom pieces.  You can't have a knife, fork, and spoon assembled at once.   I'll report more once my daughter has an opportunity to use the set. 

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