More Snow?!?!

They predicted 5-10 inches of snow last night.  We only got 4 - officially.  I think it's more; well, at least it looks like more.  The roads are slick and horrible.  But, guess what?  School's in.   I wanted to have my family home today.  We would have baked bread, made soup, and sat around the fire enjoying one another.  It's too bad PSD didn't get the memo.

So, we have a rather reluctant bento that I threw together this morning all the while hoping for that elusive snow day.  Four inches really isn't enough to close school over but I had high hopes for a 4 day week. 

Layer 1:  A small green salad and dressing (in the little cup).  Fresh fruit is dessert and I included chocolate truffles in the lunch box - just because I figured DH and DD might need a smile.

Layer 2:  Veggie pasta cut in harvest shapes - pumpkins and autumn leaves.  The pasta is tossed with a purple basil pesto made with herbs from my garden (clearly not today - I pulled it from the freezer).  There's also some chicken here.  I made chicken stock yesterday and put the "bits" of chicken into lunch.

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